THE GOOD LIFE. Exploring new possibilities for the Montgomery Village Golf Course.

About the Project

Monument Realty purchased the Montgomery Village Golf Course at auction in March of 2013, after the previous owner filed for bankruptcy. At its peak, the golf club had over 350 members. In its final year of operations, it had only 115 members, the great majority of whom do not live in Montgomery Village. This downward trend in the golf industry is being experienced nationwide. As evidenced by the bankruptcy filing and subsequent auction, which drew no interest from golf course operators, as well the continually declining membership numbers, the Montgomery Village Golf Club is no longer economically viable, especially given the significant capital costs that have accumulated over the last ten or more years. Despite making a number of improvements to its appearance and operations, the financial burden of continued operations, along with increasing uncertainty with respect to timeframes for rezoning for future redevelopment, resulted in Monument Realty’s decision to permanently close the Golf Club on November 30, 2014.

Monument was attracted to this property because of the opportunity to help shape a vision for such a critical site in the heart of Montgomery Village. In cooperation with the community and stakeholders, we believe that the demise of the Golf Club will ultimately give way to a mix of residential uses and mostly open space that will increase the appeal of Montgomery Village as a place to live. This desire to increase the appeal of Montgomery Village is what the community-sponsored charrette, Vision 2030, set out to accomplish. It was Monument’s goal to build on those efforts and where appropriate, take a fresh look at various elements of the site.

Since July of 2013, Monument hosted several community meetings and attended or participated in many others, and saw a high level of interest and engagement by the community in this process. Through a series of interactive design workshops held in May, July, September and October, nationally recognized planning firm Torti Gallas and Partners developed a Concept Plan that achieved the community’s goals of preserving a key aesthetic feature of Montgomery Village – expansive open space – while adding a mix of housing types in a manner that fits architecturally within the adjacent neighborhoods, and maintaining adequate buffers and view corridors for our neighbors.

On March 25, 2014, the Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly in favor of a unanimous resolution from the MVF Joint Property Committee supporting the Concept Plan. This Concept Plan features up to 594 new homes, including an option for up to 300 Class A, market rate multifamily units where the clubhouse currently sits, with the balance of homes dispersed throughout the rest of the site. The diversity of styles include single family homes, townhomes and duplexes. Additionally, the plan reflects a new 80+ acre park – complete with walking trails, dog parks, community gardens and more - that benefits the entire community and adds further to the appeal of Montgomery Village. With the support of the MVF, Monument will now pursue a change to the Zoning Ordinance through either the County’s scheduled Master Plan update or a Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA). Monument will continue to work closely with the community, County Council, the Planning Department and Montgomery Village Foundation leadership to achieve sensible and balance zoning changes that will accommodate the proposed transformation. For additional details on the zoning process and schedule, see our FAQ section by clicking here.

About Bloom Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village was founded in 1966 by the Kettler Brothers as a planned community. Their long advertised motto for the village was “Living the Good Life”. Today, people move to and make the decision to stay in Montgomery Village to live their own version of the good life – natural open spaces, convenience, diversity, recreation options and greener living, among others. While Montgomery Village is a solidly established community, it is also a community that aims to continue to thrive and grow – to Bloom.

From this inspiration we created Bloom Montgomery Village with a tagline that pays homage to the community’s founding principal of good living – The Good Life, Reimagined. This identity creates a consistent communications platform for all dialogue and highlights a theme of opportunity and possibility, and our belief that this unique private property can become an inspiring and engaging public good. Where green spaces are the heart of the community. Where communication is open and transparent. Where growth coexists with the natural wildlife. And where new development stays true to the spirit of the Village. In a sense, Bloom is our investment in maximizing the potential for a positive dialogue that allows us to create the maximum good for the maximum number of people.

About Monument Realty

Monument is a Washington, DC-based real estate development company, founded in 1998, with a focus on commercial, residential and hotel development all throughout the metropolitan area. For the last decade or more, it has consistently been one of the most active developers in the region. In total, Monument’s development portfolio includes more than five million square feet of Class A office, 3,500 residential units and a number of hotel properties.

While much of its work has been focused in and around Metro locations, particularly in Arlington and the District, Monument is also very familiar with Montgomery County and the Gaithersburg area, having developed the Kaiser Permanente facility at 655 Watkins Mill Road and having previously owned the IBM office facility. Perhaps as important as its familiarity with Montgomery County, Monument also has a history of tackling transformative projects. For example, Monument assembled many of the properties around the Nationals Ballpark and was involved in the District’s master planning efforts and in part through Monument’s efforts, that area is quickly becoming a thriving neighborhood.

Monument also teamed with a group of 35 property owners (of primarily single family homes) to rezone an entire neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia and is currently working with a group of Chinese-American business men and women in Washington’s Chinatown neighborhood to assemble land for a very exciting mixed-use project there. These projects all require a significant amount of community engagement and civic cooperation. Monument’s desire to pursue these types of projects illustrates a deep understanding of what is necessary to integrate community needs and desires with creative development principles, resulting in successful projects that enhance and improve urban and suburban communities.