Week of November 20, 2017
We did it friends!

Your perseverance and generous support of this important project delivered a big win for the Montgomery Village community yesterday with Planning Board approval of the Bloom Site Plan. This approval is the last formal step in Montgomery County’s land development process and sets the stage for site engineering to begin, followed by permitting and finally, development of the property. It has been a great journey, 4 ½ years to be exact, but we strongly believe that our collective efforts have shaped a bright future for this property and Montgomery Village.

We want to sincerely thank all that have taken part and especially want to acknowledge our strident supporters who have taken time away from work, family and friends to make the transformation of the former golf course a reality.

Congrats to you all and thank you!

PS: You can download a copy of the final proposed Site Plan here, and view the technical drawings associated with the Site Plan application here:


As always, please feel free to reach us via email at info@bloominmv.com or by phone at 202-777-2023.


The Bloom Team


Working with the community, we’ve made great progress towards making the Bloom Montgomery Village vision a reality. But we’re not done yet. To make sure that the Bloom vision supported by residents and the Montgomery Village Foundation becomes a reality, we’re asking the community to continue to support the project as it moves towards consideration by the Montgomery County Planning Board in early 2017. Here’s where we are:

Learned from the community and developed a plan

Gained support of residents and approval by the MV Foundation

Show Council that Bloom has the MV community's support

Show Planning Board that Bloom has the MV community's support


How Bloom Benefits Montgomery Village

DPA Benefits


Diverse new housing options help attract new and retain existing young families and working professionals and empty nesters by providing new product typically offered in more distant suburbs.

DPA Benefits


New housing helps to increase home values over time by providing sales comps that are higher than existing homes. Similarly, new housing encourages repairs and renovations to existing homes as homeowners are more likely to realize a return on their investment. This type of reinvestment, over time, helps to both increase property values and improve neighborhood image.

DPA Benefits


New development in Montgomery Village will bring with it a beautifully designed park that will feature open lawns, walking/biking trails, a dog park and community garden, as well as thousands of new trees and a restored natural habitat. Not only does the park further enhance the sylvan character of the Village and provide numerous recreation options for all ages, it also increases the desirability of homes in the Village and provides new access through the heart of the community to better connect existing neighborhoods and amenities.

DPA Benefits


Today’s new homes are far more environmentally friendly than in years past, due to more efficient layouts, deeper market penetration of green building materials and technological advances with regard to appliances and fixtures. As a result, they require less energy to heat and cool, use more recycled building material and demand fewer natural resources.